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第35回東京国際コイン・コンヴェンション - 35e Tokyo International Coin Convention

| 22/05/2024
Numismatic news

This latest edition of the Tokyo International Coin Convention, held at the Royal Park Hotel, was once again an exceptional experience, deepening our commitment to numismatics. It also enabled us to strengthen our valuable connections with the Japanese numismatic community.

TICC 2024 Tokyo International Coin Convention

The TICC is one of the largest numismatic fairs in the world, bringing together the leading Japanese numismatic dealers as well as the major American and European auction houses. Attendance was particularly strong over the three days of the show. Despite a notably weak yen this year, Japanese customers turned out in force.

TICC 2024 Tokyo International Coin Convention

From the moment we arrived, we were embraced by Japanese hospitality, and we were delighted to reconnect with our loyal customers, some of whom had come specifically to see us. We also had many new and enriching encounters, with each conversation offering an opportunity to share our common passion for rare coins, collector banknotes, and the stories they tell.

In this Olympic year, the Monnaie de Paris was honored with a keynote speech by its Chairman and CEO, Mr. Schwartz. We were privileged to welcome the Monnaie de Paris team to our stand and extend our warm thanks for the fruitful discussions.

Monnaie de Paris Tokyo 2024

During the show, we had the opportunity to showcase the coins and banknotes entrusted to us by our depositors, providing an exceptional display for our current auctions.

TICC 2024 Tokyo International Coin Convention

Lunches and dinners with our customers were special occasions for sharing and discovery. Concurrently with the show, we engaged in enriching conversations with French customers living in Japan, whose love for the country and its culture offered unique perspectives and enriched our experience.

TICC 2024 Tokyo International Coin Convention

The Tokyo International Coin Convention not only allowed CGB Numismatique to strengthen its presence in the Asian market, but also inspired us to continue enhancing our site and service for customers and partners worldwide. The Tokyo show remains a must-attend event for all those who share our passion for collecting coins and banknotes.

We would particularly like to thank the members of the JNDA for making our participation possible, the members of Taisei Coins for their help in organizing the event, and the collectors who were all outstanding ambassadors for their countries and numismatics.

We look forward to seeing our Japanese customers at the Nagoya show, which will take place from August 24 to 26, 2024.

Didier LELUAN - didier@cgb.fr
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