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CGB Paper Money Live Auction - April 7: a sumptuous collection of specimens

| 01/04/2020
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This new CGB Live Auction will be full of surprises - a set of 455 lots including over 400 specimens from all countries and as many rarities! Pre-bids can be placed starting now directly at www.cgb.fr and on the Numisbid and Sixbid platforms. Live Closing (live bids) will start on Tuesday, April 7, 2020 from 2 pm (Paris time).

Page after page, you will discover a sumptuous collection of specimens. No long series of variants, dates or alphabets but almost exclusively different types with 80% of banknotes in UNCIRCULATED or ABOUT UNCIRCULATED, most of which are certified, graded and PMG-Slabbed (147 lots).

Lot 4370196 - Specimen 100 Piastres 1925
1 500 € / 3 000 €

We are pleased to offer for sale three different and extremely rare banknotes of the Banque de Syrie et du Liban (1939-1964), i.e. lots 4370264, 4370265 and 4370266: a 25-Pound issued note from 1939, an incredible 250-Pound SPECIMEN note from 1939 and a beautiful 100-Pound SPECIMEN note from 1945. Issued banknotes are often the most difficult ones to find but their condition is usually quite poor. Specimens allow you to get higher conditions which highlight the style and beauty of such true works of art.

Lot 4370265 - Specimen 250 Livres Lebanon
20 000 € / 40 000 €

Lot 4370266 - Specimen 100 Livres Lebanon
6 000 € / 15 000 €

At this sale, an Austrian specimen will catch hobbyists’ attention, i.e. the 1,000-Schilling from 1930 (lot 4370074 – slabbed PMG63)! This 1,000-Schilling non-issued banknote is impossible to find and none are listed by PMG! Nevertheless, this specimen is listed in the Pick. It is difficult to say on what bases these numbers were decided on but considering the differences in prices realized by other Austrian rarities, anything is possible.

Lot 4370074 - Specimen 1000 Schilling Austria PMG 63
6 000 € / 18 000 €

The 1,000-Dong specimen banknote is another remarkable banknote during this sale (lot 4370447 – slabbed PMG 50EPQ) and is indisputably the rarest and probably most spectacular banknote for Vietnam. The one up for sale at this auction is magnificent. It was folded into quarters but unlike the few other copies identified, it was luckily not numbered with a red stamp. As a consequence, the grade is lower than UNC notes, but its visual aspect is unquestionably far better!

Lot 4370447 - Specimen 1000 Dong South Viet Nam PMG 50EPQ
7 000 € / 15 000 €

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